James has authored 5 books. His latest, SUPER SOURDOUGH (the foolproof guide to making world class bread at home), is out on 19th September 2019.



The foolproof guide to making world-class bread at home

Through a thorough, scientific approach designed to work for you, I hope we can get things right every time. And if they don’t go right, that’s OK. We’ll see where things went awry and get it right next time…

Delve into this joyous and delicate world and you’ll probably be hooked for life.



Cooking on the edge of the world

Shetland is where Scotland meets Scandinavia and the North Sea hits the Atlantic Ocean. Isolated, unspoilt and rich in history and tradition, Shetland is a truly singular place.

James grew up there. Co-written with his father, broadcaster and journalist Tom Morton, Shetland: Cooking on the Edge of the World explores life on an island with food, drink and community at its heart.

SHETLAND was shortlisted for the Andre Simon Food Book 2018, the Edward Stanford Travel Food & Drink Book 2019 and the Fortnum and Mason Cookery Book 2019.



The foolproof guide to making world-class beer at home

James has won home brewing awards on a national level, including the Society of Independent Brewers’ gold medal, and a second place overall in the National Homebrewing Awards. Since, he has opened his own commercial brewing operation, Out of Town Brewing - outoftown.co

This hefty tome has since become a classic, gently guiding home brewers in 8 languages. It teaches you what you’ll need, how to build stuff and most importantly, how to brew.



(And what to do when it doesn’t)

I want to show you how baking works. I want to prove how easy baking can be. Whether you want light cakes, squidgy brownies, perfect pastry, stress-free macarons or mountainous meringues, this book features a mini-masterclass for each one.

Everything's split up into wee, simple steps. There's no faff and you don't need any expensive equipment. You don't even need a sieve. And for baking veterans, this book tells you why you're doing what you've been doing all these years.

Here’s to baking that just works.



Winner of ‘Cookery Book of the Year’ at the Guild of Food Writers Awards 2014 and shortlisted for the Andre Simon Food Book 2013, Brilliant Bread is a modern classic.

Through these easy-to-follow pages, James has shown many the delight that bread making can bring. If there’s any doubt about whether you’d like to have fresh, reliable and delicious bread every single day, pick it up and give it a try.